Gavin Street


StreetFolio offers creative consultancy, design and video services in Lincoln, UK.

With just the right mix of creative and corporate, StreetFolio helps you to:

  • Compellingly bring to life your business – its story, values, vision and offer.
  • Be truly person-centred in all your communications.
  • Connect in a way that resonates deeply with and provides real value to your customers.

Who is StreetFolio?

My name is Gavin. I studied Fine Art at the University of Humberside (so long ago, the Uni no longer exists!) and more recently gained an MA in Digital Filmmaking at Metropolitan University, London.

I’ve also worked in marketing at Tate Britain, founded an award-winning animation company and, back here in Lincoln, worked as the Communications Manager at Lincoln Drill Hall.  

StreetFolio is a product of over 30 years’ experience and a continuing passion to create and connect.